Omnivore - You might be a foodie if...

My encounter with Jeff Foxworthy, and my kid's encounter with brains and balls.


  • Joeff Davis

Being the child of a food critic is not always that fun. Especially if you're six. My son has been dragged to damn near every restaurant in town. There are upsides to this - he eats a variety of things most six-year-olds would not. He is currently obsessed with lamb - specifically "bloody lamb." He calls himself a "lambpire." He eats oysters in all their forms - raw, fried, etc. He loves vegetables.
And, he behaves in restaurants. He's used to them. But he doesn't enjoy them that much, not as much as eating at home. "Can't we just eat your food tonight?" he'll ask. He's become a kid after my own heart - he'd much rather eat black beans and rice than some overwrought fancy meal. And truly, what six-year-old should be expected to spend that much time in restaurants? Even if he knows how to behave, there's a reason kids generally shouldn't be dragged out to upscale places. It's no fun for them.
This week, the usual routine took on extra emotional trauma. After stopping in at Holeman & Finch for a cocktail (or three) on my way home from another meal, I realized I hadn't actually eaten at H&F in almost a year. Cocktails at Holeman have become somewhat of a ritual for me when I have a particularly bad meal at another restaurant. They cheer me up. But I always arrive full. I decided a dinner visit was in order.