Omnivore - Eli Kirshtein teams up with John Liotta for new eatery

Atlanta project in the works for former “Top Chef” contestant.

I’ve just got some more details on the long rumored Eli Kirshtein project coming to Atlanta. A reliable source tells me that Kirshtein (formerly of Eno and “Top Chef” shenanigans) has teamed up with investor John Liotta (formerly of Wine Market and Gallery) and they are looking at spaces for a new concept. The as-yet-to-be-named restaurant will be casual and industry-driven (small plates, booze-centric, open late). While it’s been reported elsewhere that Kirshtein was moving into the Repast space, it appears this is not going to be the location for the new project. The space hasn’t yet been decided on, but the Repast location is out of the running. Things are moving fast though (as fast as they can without a home I guess), and the hope is to be open right after the new year.

Speaking of the new year, the new location for Cakes and Ale seems to be proceeding slower than was hoped. Estimates are now up to January or February for the move to Decatur Square.