R.I.P. shock artist Joe 'Christ' Linhart (1957-2009) (1)

By Jason Hatcher

Joe "Christ" Linhart

6/18/57 - 6/21/09

Underground filmmaker, musician and artist Joe Linhart (better known as Joe Christ) passed away on Father's Day during the evening hours of June 21 in his Dekalb County home. According to toxicology reports released to his family today, Linhart died of a heart attack in his sleep.

During his Atlanta years, Linhart regularly worked with the shock website Consumption Junction and was a former guest artist with the the Dragon*Con festival. All the while, he released a steady stream of independent films, including 2005's That's Just Wrong! co-starring Atlanta sex author and mistress Dolores French, and other rousing titles including Amy Strangled a Small Child (1998) and Acid Is Groovy Kill the Pigs (1993). In addition to his film and visual art productions, Linhart also produced an equally balanced collection of rock recordings with such acts as Joe Christ and the Healing Faith (see interview), and Los Reactors.

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