Hollywood Product: Ninja Assassin (1)

GENRE: Super-violent martial arts action flick

THE PITCH: One-man army Raizo (RAIN) exacts revenge against the Ozunu clan who taught him his deadly craft while simultaneously safeguarding Europol agent Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) after she uncovers its existence.

MONEY SHOTS: It’s a toss up between the CGI-heavy kusari gama fight sequence and the movie's cumulative carnage. During the final fight sequences, Raizo battles two of his former clansmen with a katana sword while they attack him with their long-chained kusari’s in an all-out brawl. There’s no way to describe the various methods the ninjas used to kill their targets without spoiling the murderous highlights that make this movie fun to watch. I can mention, however, that explosive blood splatters are punctuated in most of the various kills scenes in the film.

BEST LINE: While trying to come to grips with her morbid circumstance, Coretti notes, “I’ve taken a Tae Bo class, that’s the extent of my martial arts training” to Raizo.

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