Hollywood Product: The Princess and the Frog (1)

GENRE: Old-school Disney princess cartoon feature

THE PITCH: In 1920s New Orleans, hardworking waitress Tiana (voiced by Anika Noni Rose) hits a bump on the road to buying her own restaurant when she kisses enchanted prince-turned-frog Naveen (Bruno Campos) and — oops! — transforms into an amphibian herself.

MONEY SHOTS: The film’s musical numbers shine, including the sinister “Friends on the Other Side” by evil hoodoo man Dr. Facilier (Keith David); the zydeco-flavored “Gonna Take You There” bayou tour by Cajun firefly Ray (Jim Cummings); the gospel tune “Dig a Little Deeper” by friendly witch-woman Mama Odie (Jenifer Lewis); and Tiana’s spunky “Almost There,” animated with a witty Art Deco flourish. Dr. Facilier’s shadow, which has a wicked life of its own, also provides a highlight.

BEST LINE: “I’m green, and I’m slimy…” “That’s not slime.” “I’m secreting mucous!” Tiana declares upon being frog-ified. The mucous line becomes an unexpected running joke.

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(Photo ©Disney Enterprises)