Hollywood Product: How To Train Your Dragon (1)

Lavish designs, thrilling battle scenes and breezy comedy characterize new DreamWorks flick

GENRE: CGI fantasy adventure

THE PITCH: A wimpy Viking named Hiccup (voiced by She's Out of My League's Jay Baruchel) captures a dragon and opts to train, rather than kill, it in defiance of the violent traditions embodied by his father, chief Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler).

MONEY SHOTS: The Vikings fend off a nighttime raid from various breeds of dragons. Hiccup and his peers learn to fight by battling hilariously dangerous dragons in an arena. A montage shows Hiccup apply aeronautical principles to his dragon, named Toothless. Not to spoil anything, the final battle involves an adversary on a massive scale.

How to Train Your Dragon

4 out of 5 stars. Directed by Dean DuBlois and Chris Sanders. Stars Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler. Rated PG. Opens Fri., March 26. At area theaters.

MONEY SOUND: When Stoick's ships approach an island with a potential dragon nest, an eerie rattle fills the air and abruptly stops when he sets foot on land.

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(Photo Courtesy DreamWorks Animation)