Omnivore - Gravy Train: Gekko Sushi opens, Noon Midtown closes, Our Way Cafe looks to reopen...

Atlanta food & restaurant news on ice.


Gekko Sushi is now open in the Repast space on the corner of Glen Iris and North Avenue. The restaurant is based out of Orlando, where it has received favorable reviews. Gekko offers a full sushi bar with all the standards, plus some hot entrees. They will open for lunch and dinner. Parking is available in the Ponce Springs Loft deck off of Glen Iris.

Around New Year’s there were rumors of Noon Midtown’s closing. More reports confirmed that this week. The restaurant, located in the 1010 building in the heart of Midtown, had been open since just April 2009.

This week Atlanta Dish gave us a peek in to what we can expect from some of their clients in 2011. They revealed that Chef Ford Fry’s Decatur project is looking at a spring opening, hinted that Kevin Gillespie’s “smokin” BBQ concept will be known as Terminus City and revealed that Pinkberry will be adding not only a Buckhead location but also a Midtown shop.