Omnivore - SOTU: It's all about the salmon!

The joke about salmon was the speech's most memorable moment.

This is from NPR:

Right after President Barack Obama finished his State of the Union address, we asked our listeners to describe his speech in three words. We received responses from more than 4,000 of you. We've run them through a word cloud generator and this is what all of you said:


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NPR explains:

Why is "salmon" so big? ... NPR's Facebook followers were referring to one of the night's humorous moments — when the president joked about the complicated and convoluted way the government regulates salmon.

When NPR analyzed the word cloud by political affiliation, the president's salmon joke was far more impressive to anti-regulation Republicans than Democrats, of course. Then again, Republicans may have simply needed more comic relief than Dems. Or maybe they have a better sense of humor.

Speaking of comic relief, let's see the word cloud for the revisionist Michele Bachmann. I bet "baloney" and "misdirected gaze" would dwarf all other words.