Omnivore - A hop'n good time at the Atlanta Winter Beerfest

Is there anything better than a Winter beer? Atlanta Winter Beer Fest updates from this weekend.


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Is there anything better than a winter beer? This seasonal tends to be out-shined by its summer counterpart. Summers are all fling and fruit and promise, but the brews that go along with the season tend to be overpoweringly fragrant or so light you may as well be at a frat house. But with a winter beer, you can slip into the rich, nutty crux of the season: friends and comfort.

And while this weekend was marked by spring-like warmth, the 2011 Atlanta Winter Beer Fest supplied that extra oomph of wintry goodness, sans the frigid temperatures we've grown so accustomed to this winter.

The scene: Masquerade on North Ave. The festival started at five, which may seem a little too early to start the all-you-can-drink festivities, but judging by the length of the line of cars pouring people into seats by 10, any later would have been tempting Bacchus himself into more mischief than would have been necessary.