Omnivore - Top Chef" All-stars: Bada bing"

Fashion and mobsters collide!


  • Courtesy Bravo TV
  • Padma's gonna eat you

Oh, wow, hey there kids! Is it Top Chef time again? The week off was tough, wasn't it? I for one cried in my whiskey all last Wednesday when there was no new episode, then stared forlornly at Twitter all night as people actually did stuff out in the world instead of blowing out my entire feed collectively sitting in front of the tube, which isn't depressing at all, nope, not in the slightest.

This week, the quickfire and the elimination challenges seemed to be thought up by mortal enemies or something. The ultimate in pretension followed by a challenge where the winner basically made a big pile of...well, I get ahead of myself. But for the quickfire, it did seem as though they were looking for the most pretension possible.