Omnivore - No need to pull punches at Victory

New “sandwich bar” from the Slice peeps

Image I know you’ve gotten a few cocktails in you now and then and felt suddenly like punching someone. Actually, you don’t even need the disinhibiting effect of alcohol to feel this way.

What you need is a punching bag. I mean a real one. Not a human one.

You’ll find one at the new Victory Sandwich Bar (280 Elizabeth St., 770-676-7237) in Inman Park. This is one of the coolest places I’ve encountered in a while. It’s been opened by the same guys who own Slice. Principally a bar (open 11-2 a.m. daily), it has the same kind of spare décor as Slice — not that the punching bag and the ping pong table in the back aren’t lovely.

The menu is spare too. It includes nine sandwiches, all $4. These have been described as “tapas-style sandwiches.” That means they are small and you might want two of them to fill up.

I ordered the Lamborghini with salami, capicolla, speck, fontina cheese and salsa verde (which was more like a parsley pesto). Then I had one with smoked trout salad with capers, Greek yogurt and radish salad. Both, made on crispy bread from the Bakeshop, were delicious.

You can also order a designer salad, a meat and cheese plate and hummus as well as the nine sandwiches. There are no desserts.

After dinner, I walked across the street to Savi Urban Market, the gourmet grocery. Since I was deprived dessert at Victory, I bought two (oversized single servings) at Savi — a pecan tart and caramel-turtle cheesecake.

The pecan tart was all one should be taste-wise, but was encircled by a paper wrapper that was so firmly glued I could not remove it without breaking the tart into pieces. The cheesecake, which I ate the next day presented no such problems.

Both desserts were from A Taste of Heaven Bakery.