Omnivore - TV chefs turned into edible sweets

Cindy Atmore's collection includes Nathalie Dupree

Image This sugar-paste miniature figure of Southern cook Nathalie Dupree is an amazing likeness. Equally amazing is the overall work of its source, Cindy Atmore, who has rendered just about every TV chef around in similar fashion as part of her Candy TV Chefs collection. The average height is about 3".

The chefs are not for sale. In a self-interview, she wonders what she's going to do with them:

Probably get hungry watching cooking shows and eat them! Or challenge the host of Man Vs. Food, Adam Richman, to eat them all in one sitting! Or maybe make Essence of Candy TV Chef Foam in the blender. I watch Top Chef, I know all about trendy gourmet things like foam. Okay, no, I really don't know how to make a foam. Foam is so last week anyway. Candy TV Chefs are the new foam! By next year every top restaurant will be serving a little Candy Gordon Ramsay on every plate or they'll lose all their #&@% Michelin stars!

She also has made several other collections, including Candy Mentalists. Candy Candidates and Candy Magicians. Although none are for sale, Atmore's site does sell associated products.