Omnivore - Knife & Fork announces the 'Best of 2010",2011-03-04 18:27:11"

hello 'food hall?'

Christiane Lauterbach has announced her "Best of 2010" in the latest issue of Knife & Fork, her monthly dining newsletter. (These are restaurants reviewed in 2010, not necessarily those that opened in 2010.):

Cafe Q
Empire State South
Kaleidoscope Bistro and Pub
La Fourchette
Lunacy Black Market
Miso Izakaya
Nam Phuong
Super Pan Latino Sandwich Shop

I concur with most of these. The inclusion of Kaleidoscope, which I haven't visited, did confuse me, however. It's actually reviewed on the front page of this same month's issue of Knife & Fork. So, how could it be part of a list of the best reviewed of 2010? It turns out that the current issue is dated December 2010. Lauterbach is a few months behind and Kaleidoscope scores a win for her being so.

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