Omnivore - Kim Severson reviews three Atlanta restaurants

NY Times bureau chief loves Atlanta after all.


  • Joeff Davis
  • Steven Satterfield (right) and Neal McCarthy of Miller Union

Ha! Remember when Besha wrote an open letter to Kim Severson, the New York
Times bureau chief here in Atlanta?

Severson mentioned the letter in a piece she wrote for Sunday’s Times, entitled “Atlanta Serves Sophisticated Southern”:

When I suggested, via Twitter, that I missed the food in New York....Kaboom! A local columnist wrote an open letter condemning me. The Southern food experts in this close-knit town handed out the pitchforks and torches.

In her article, Severson kinda-sorta reverses herself and cites the farm-to-table hysteria that has swept the city in the “last few years.” It’s been around more than a few years, but i won’t get picky, because Severson cites three outstanding restaurants: Cakes & Ale, Miller Union and Empire State South.

Give the article a read. I couldn’t find anything objectionable, but maybe someone else will find an excuse to break out the pitchforks again.