Omnivore - 'What are you doing at this table?'

Dining as a tourist in New England


Who knew being a tourist in New Hampshire and the rest of New England could make getting seated in a restaurant a surreal experience.

Check out Vicki Flier Hudson's blog entry on her experience. After waiting forever to be acknowledged by the hostess, this happens:

Then she asks if you have reservations. No, you answer. You are just passing through town. The Seating Master looks at a paper chart and says, “Well, I just don’t think I have anything. Oh, wait, I spoke to soon…” But before she can finish her sentence she spots someone she knows, someone local to that small town. Turning away from you she begins talking animatedly to this gentleman and seats him right away. By now your jaw has dropped to the floor in astonishment, but she doesn’t notice as she comes back and seats you at last.

You think it’s over? Not quite. Your server comes to the table and begins to fill your water glasses, looking at you with confusion as if to say “What are you doing at this table?”

She smiles, but still looks confused. “The hostess will be right with you, ” the server says. What?

It continues.

Vicki's work is helping companies build intercultural connections on global levels. As it turns out, regional differences in our own country pose plenty of challenges too.