Omnivore - Dukedom's not dead, not for Yelpers anyway

Yelp's weird world of check-in nobility


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I thought my friend was joking when he started telling me about how the Yelp Queen of Atlanta had recently dethroned the former Yelp King. He continued to report on the scandal, but I wasn't listening. I was still trying to wrap my mind around his first statement before erupting into a fit of laughter. It wasn't until after regaining my composure did I realized he was serious.

Utterly baffled, I consulted the Google immediately. Sure enough, there it was on Yelp's official blog posted OVER A YEAR AGO (Where have I been? Oh yeah, not on Yelp yelping.):

If users are checking into the same businesses in a given time period and/or neighborhood, they can also earn "Royal" status. Got the most check-ins at a business? You're the Duke, good sir (or Duchess, for the ladies). Most Dukedoms in a 'hood? You're the Baron! Most in the city? You're the King!

Upon further investigation it appears that Atlanta does have a Queen, and the idea of a check-in leader board is old hat by now. However, it's still bizarre right? An anonymous Yelper by the name of "C C." is currently Atlanta's fair Yelp Queen. She reigns supreme with a staggering 508 Dukedoms throughout the city, and is also the Baroness of both Buckhead and Linbergh. Queen C C. must literally check-in at every single place she sets foot in, and needless to say, this chick goes out a lot! Her list of Dukedoms takes 26 touchscreen finger scrolls to get through if you're using the app. (It took three tries to get to the bottom because I kept losing signal before getting to the end).

The next in line and presumably the dude she dethroned doesn't even come close: Joseph Peter S. has 267 Dukedoms. Pshhh. I think it's safe to say that Queen C C. ain't goin' nowhere.