Omnivore - 'Top Chef' season 9, episode 7

Hugh says the potato goes "WHAAAA?????"


I hear PETA had a real problem with last night's "Top Chef." and by PETA, I mean People for the Ethical Treatment of Asians. Horrible Heather continued on its path of rage and destruction in the kitchen roaring angrily about anything "too Asian."

Ty-Lör wins a Don Julio tequila Quickfire challenge and $5,000, but not immunity. Then Padma tells everyone to pair up with the person next to them for a double-elimination elimination round. So OF COURSE Heather and Bev get paired up. This is why I never stand near people I hate. Or near criers. Then Padma lets the bomb drop: Not only will an entire team get eliminated today but the cheftestants will also be the chefjudges (that one doesn't work as well, I guess). Sarah's mind explodes at the thought. This is the HARDEST THING EVER.

The Challenge™: Prepare a dish for a game dinner, as in quail and moose and jackalopes and stuff, for chef Tim Love and all his chef buddies.