Omnivore - Dear Santa: Wishes from readers

Readers tell Santa their food scene wishes


As I said yesterday, I've had a bunch of reader responses from my Dear Santy letter, and so I'm presenting them here as our community Christmas wish list. Today: a new transplant to Atlanta has a few wishes:

Dear Santa,

I'm new to Atlanta but why, when I seek a nice meal, must I always end up in a strip mall parking lot? I really would love it if we could park casually (without valet service) and walk into a restaurant that wasn't addressed "Suite # ..."

Also, why is it that chef's table's are more popular than mom and pop's tables? I mean, I know that it's Christmas and I'm probably just missing good old fashioned home cooked food but it's actually what I miss year-around (to a certain extent). I miss places that serve good, solid food at good, solid prices, without a corporate emblem. These place are rewarded with repeat business in my experience.

Finally, could we please have some specialty artisan shops? Kudos to Spotted Trotter for their storefront but, in a city this size, shouldn't we be able to have more gift shops for mustards, cheeses, jellies, pates, and the like?

Thanks, old buddy, hope you enjoy the mustard and giardiniera I left you.

Bradford Kraft