Omnivore - Is the Scoutmob bump worth battling?

Should you stay away from places on the first day of a daily deal?

Love my Scoutmob. It's the only daily deals service I use. (Besides CL's, of course: Grant Park Coffehouse, bitches!) So yesterday when I saw the new Scoutmob deal for 50 percent off dinner/drinks at Escorpion, I was very excited. One, I'm there all the time anyway, because it's two blocks from my place and makes solid cocktails. Two, I hadn't eaten all day.

I knew I'd be fighting through a first-day, daily-deal bump — and boy, did I ever. The place was jam-packed, every seat taken, by 9 p.m. Which isn't a problem, right? That's what the (quite harried) restaurant staff wants.

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  • Something yummy from Escorpion last fall

My problem — and I'm WAY overgeneralizing from a very TINY sample size, but, hey, it's a blog, that's what we do — is the type of customers who show up on those first days in the four or five days I've been in that scenario. I always sit at the bar, so I think I have the worst of them around me: the sort of folks who seemingly have no manners, are put out that service isn't at fast-food speed, and have no problem basically announcing they're only here for a one-time visit.

Example: the young dude in a suit who came in with his lady, immediately started tweeting at/snapping at bartender Gilberto Marquez (who's great, btw), and announced loudly, "Yeah, I haven't even looked at the menu, but I know I want a margarita, and I want some unintelligible tequila in it." When he was told Escorpion doesn't carry that — which means it was shit tequila, because one thing Escorpion has is a fantastic array of tequilas and mezcals — the guy acted like what he was: a whiny customer whom I hope never to share airspace with again.

I'm just curious if such incidents with those first-day-deal crowds is typical, or just more proof I'm turning into my grandfather.