Omnivore - An Ode to Hostess

Poetic thoughts on the bankruptcy of a junk food giant

My youth was full of Wonder,
Ho Hos, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, too.
Without them life would be so grim,
No brown bag treats? No pain perdu?

I pray, dear Hostess, please survive,
Please don’t take away the smiles.
If the news is true, and you bid adieu,
I’ll have to stockpile Chocodiles.

A day without those processed sweets,
Or the cushioned spring of Wonder bread,
Fills my heart with sadness, grief,
It fills my mind with dread.

For what will my kids take to school?
Something sweet and yummy, too?
An apple? A peach? A bunch of grapes?
Yes … Fruit will have to do.


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