Omnivore - Must be nice to drop $100,000 at a bar in Dubai

Cavalli Club in Dubai posts baller bar tab on Twitter


  • Courtesy of Dailymail.co.uk
  • Crazy bar tab

The Cavalli Club in Dubai shared an itemized receipt from one of their high rolling regulars via Twitter last week. According to the club's manager who confirmed the receipts' authenticity, the birthday group racked up over $100,000 ($108,357.80 which is 387,988 in UAE to be exact) in charges in less than two hours. Purchases on the tab include a three-liter bottle of Cavalli vodka at $1,347.70, two three-liters of Cristal at $19,058.48, and 13 Roederer Cristals at $22,935.52. And that's not all. After factoring in the 10 percent Municipality Fee and service charge of the same amount, the grand total for this night on the town was a measly $130,029.36 ... I wonder if they're hiring?