Omnivore - Atlanta has some of 50 best Southern Bars

according to Garden and Gun mag


Garden and Gun, a magazine focused on Southern culture, food, and lifestyle — and geared to the well-heeled — has just named its "50 best Southern Bars." Although New Orleans, as you might expect, has a whole passel of bars on the list (including a few with which I was unfamiliar), Atlanta is duly represented.

Now, since G&G doesn't put all its content online and I can't remember all the local bars mentioned in my print issue at home, I'll stick with the ones cited on the website. So, congratulations to H. Harper Station and Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. Judging from the fact that G&G's list includes fancy restaurants and backwoods dives, I'd guess they've placed a premium on atmosphere and the drinking experience — which is as it should be. Obviously, cocktail quality should be a factor, but have a place be somewhere you'd want to go to drink is paramount.

Speaking of H. Harper Station and cocktails, a couple weeks back, they had a seasonal drink called the Winter Old Fashioned (I believe), using house-made fig bitters that was nothing short of extremely tasty. Here's hoping they add it to their menu!

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