Omnivore - PAMA's Best Home Bar Star Contest

Announcement of PAMA's Best Home Bar Star contest.


Itching to whip up a tasty concoction using a pomegranate-flavored liqueur? No? Anyone? Bueller? Well if you're feeling nostalgic and want to rock it like we used to in '07, your efforts might be rewarded with a trip to this year's Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. The folks at PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur are proud to present The Best Home Bar Star Contest, in which participants are asked to create a recipe for an original cocktail— using PAMA as an ingredient, of course. The deadline is Feb. 29 and the prize trip is in June. Contest details can be found ===here===.
So get on it, if you so choose. First person to make a pomegranate cocktail that doesn't suck, wins.