Omnivore - Rappers delight…in a well-cooked tilapia

You only wish you could eat at Bon Rappetite

Image A hot new theme restaurant is lifting the lid off Ormewood Park. We'll let its website speak for itself:

"Bon Rappetite is the world's first hip hop restaurant. Featuring a delicious menu that caters to the ballers. Relax at the bar with a signature cocktail, like the refreshing Long Island Ice-T, or eat so many shrimp you get iodine poisoning in our relaxing dining area. One thing's for sure, you better bring your rappetite.™"

And its menu is off the chain, featuring such dishes as:

• Waka Flocka Flambé: Our take on a Baked Alaskan — the Baked Atlantan! Oh let's do it!

• Ras Kass-erole: Ask your server to come widdit, and tell you about the casserole of the day.

• Snoop Doggy Corndogs: 4 fresh fried corndoggs that ain't leavin til six in the mornin. So what you wanna do?

• Chili Akon Carne: This spicy bowl of chili will make you want to smack that!

No, it's not the latest rap star vanity project (we think). Rather, it seems to be a pretty clever joke by a website designer with some time on his or her hands. So, don't drive down to Confederate Avenue expecting to be able to actually order Creme Puff Daddies. If our hunch is correct (our call hasn't been returned yet), the site is also a pretty savvy marketing scheme to get attention for one's social media business, which in this case appears to be named Baby Robot Industries. And it isn't Baby Robot's first foray into fake websites. They were previously responsible for cash4teeth.net.