Omnivore - Jack in the Box Super Bowl commercial undermines marriage

If you can marry bacon, why not a member of your own sex?

‘Tis the season to be an idiot. I’m talking about electoral politics.

In case you missed it, check out Jack in the Box’s Superbowl commercial:

Silly stuff. But possibly insidious in its intent, according to a blogger with the National Organization of Marriage. (That’s NOM as in nom-nom-nom.) He writes: “Tongue-in-cheek (bacon-in-mouth?), I have to wonder if this kind of joke is more funny as our country currently flirts with the notion we can make marriage ... whatever we want it to be.” The post is followed by readers’ comments trashing the reversal of California’s anti-gay-marriage law.

And lest you think the NOM blogger was alone, others have been more explicitly outraged. At least one real-life politician saw the commercial as a morality tale. For real. So far, Rick Santorum has not expressed an opinion.