Omnivore - Flame up at Fuoco di Napoli?

Noted pizzaiolo Enrico Liberato on “leave of absence”


Fuoco di Napoli and its excellent pizza margherita were recently the subject of a Cheap Eats column I wrote. I noted that Enrico Liberato had built the brick oven there himself and was “manning the oven, working the dough, and training the staff;” so when a reader commented online yesterday that Liberato “already quit and walked out” over the weekend, Creative Loafing had to investigate. I spoke with one of the owners, Lori McDowell, who confirmed that Liberato was now on a “leave of absence.” She could not confirm the timing or likelihood of his return to the restaurant.

It seems, though, that the leave of absence may now be more than just a matter of Liberato walking out.