Omnivore - Homebrew competition at Twain’s

Hombrewers compete to get their beers on tap at Twain’s

Think your homebrew is the bomb? Well here’s your chance to show the world what you can do: Twain’s Billiards and Tap is holding their first annual Homebrew Competition, and will be accepting entries through June.

This time around, the competition will focus on both light and dark beers. (Light beers will range from golden to amber; dark beers from brown to black.) Local brewers are invited to submit any number of their homemade beers for evaluation, as long as each beer is all-grain and has a sufficient recipe to back it up.

According to head brewer David Stein, “Most homebrewers brew 5-10 gallon batches. Our batches are approximately seven barrels (217 gallons), so we’re talking about the opportunity for a huge increase in volume.”

Judges will choose their favorite ‘light’ and ‘dark,’ and the brewer(s) of the two winning beers will spend a day brewing their recipe in-house with Stein and fellow Twain’s brewer Chase Medlin. But wait, there’s more. The winning recipes will be served on draft at Twain’s for approximately a month, or at least as long as supplies last.

“The winner will brew the beer with us and we will take care of everything from there” says Stein. “Depending on the style, we could dry hop it and/or filter it post fermentation and for that I’d invite the winner to come in if they want to.”

Brewers are required to submit three 12 oz. bottles of each beer submitted. Bottles must be labeled with a beer name, style, and contact information. All beers must be submitted to the brewery at Twain’s by 6 p.m., Mon., Jun. 25.