Omnivore - Average American eats nearly 2000 lbs. per year

A visual breakdown of what Americans eat


Compiled by Visual Economics using information from the USDA, CDC, FDA, and a handful of other sources, this infographic concludes that Americans consume 1,996.3 lbs. of food each year. And what do we eat most? Interestingly, the largest food group consumed is non-cheese dairy products—presumably sour cream, yogurt, and milk solids that are widely used in factory food production. Surprisingly, coming in second are vegetables. According to the graphic, veggies account for 20% of total food consumption. Not bad until you consider that nearly 15% of that total is attributed to corn, with another 7% dedicated to french fries alone.

The data also shows that on average, Americans eat 23 lbs. of pizza, 24 lbs. ice cream, 53 gallons soda, and 24 lbs. of artificial sweeteners. And the average caloric intake? 2,700 calories per day. Ta-dah.

Numbers still look funny? You can check their math with the following resources:

USDA Factbook- Profiling Food Consumption in America

CDC- National Health Statistics Report