Omnivore - El Taco: Last-minute dining special

Try Baja-Mex cuisine tonight at El Taco

If you haven't decided where to dine tonight, El Taco is offering one of its monthly "Mi Casa Su Casa" meals. The theme this evening is "Run for the Border." Normally. when we talk about border cuisine, it's Tex-Mex. This, according to a news release, is different:

The focus is a new trend called Baja-Mex — the unique flavors and cooking styles found only where Mexico and California meet. Examples: coastal shellfish stew, grilled smoked oysters, avocado and hearts of palm salad, and wood-grilled hanger steak pinchos.

Frankly, I'm not sure this is such a "new trend." But we'll see.

Cost is $30 (including tax, excluding gratuity) and seating is limited. The meal is served family-style. Call 404-873-4656 for reservations.

Here's a video about the monthly dinners: