Omnivore - Ticha Krinsky brings back Tierra’s food

The city’s best tres leches cake is available again


The city has lost few restaurants as good as Tierra, which closed in February after 13 years. Its menu of food from Mexico and Central and South America routinely placed it on national lists of must-visits in Atlanta.

Now comes some good news.

Ticha Krinsky, chef and co-owner of Tierra with her husband Dan, has started a new catering venture, Tierra’s Dancing Fork. I received this email today:

Hi! I think I’ve rested enough! Anything we had to do with Tierra is taken care of and I had a great time in Mexico City and Acapulco with my family.

So now I’m back and ready to take your orders for Tres Leches, Pionono Pie or anything your heart desires. You can check the website or our Facebook page. You can call my cell at 678-665-6979 or e-mail me at tichak at I miss you all!

God knows, I miss the city’s best tres leches — a thing of sweet dreams.

Dan Krinsky, by the way, is teaching at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts here.