Omnivore - WSJ cites Lucero Martinez Obregon

Former chef at Zocalo going gangbusters at Pampano

Image Lucero Martinez Obregon, the founding chef of Zocalo, continues to draw lots of attention in her role as executive chef at Richard Sandoval's renowned Pampano in New York.

Most recently, the Wall Street Journal mentioned her in a story about the restaurant's new casual, downstairs dining spot, Pampano Botaneria. Lucero wrote me about it, with the observation that "It pays to be persistent with my chicharron":

Small plates include a ceviche tasting ($11) with mahi-mahi, tuna and halibut and a side of popcorn, lobster empanadas ($10) and freshly made guacamole, served with a crispy fried pork rind. "That's how we ate it when I was growing up in Mexico City," said Ms. Martinez. "We'd get fresh pork rind from the market and eat it with guacamole at family gatherings."

OK, that's nice, Lucero. Now come home where you belong and make me some chicharrones suaves en salsa verde.


The Original El Taco has scheduled another of its "Mi Casa es Su Casa" dinners for next Tuesday:

In America, we love our celebrity chefs. But long before there was a Rick Bayless or Bobby Flay, Mexico had many of their own icons of the kitchen. Monica Patino, Ricardo Munoz, Patricia Quintana, Zarela Martinez (pictured above), and Diana Kennedy may not be household names to fans of TV food channels, but their influences, successes, and careers are well-known to many a native of Mexico. You'll taste some of the most beloved dishes from these iconic masters of the Mexican kitchen at our next monthly Mi Casa Su Casa communal, family-style dinner on Tuesday, April 17. Lots of food. Lots of friends. Lots of fun.

Cost is $30. Better get a reservation: 404-873-4656.