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===A New York police officer was charged with stealing $40 of baby food from a supermarket.=== This may be the first time in history someone has had to turn in their badge for swiping a few jars of mashed carrots.

===Apparently, the cool kids in L.A. are mixing salt with hand sanitizer to extract the alcohol and drink it.=== If that were served as a shot at a bar we bet it would be called "Brined Alcohol Poisoning," or "Salty E.R. Visit."

===Dogfish Head just released a thing that you might actually be able to afford ($20) that can make your beer taste like whatever the eff you want it to.=== Coffee beer? Check. Whiskey beer? Redundant, but check. Fish beer? Why not? The world is your beer-filled oyster!

Bet you never thought that purple cauliflower could blow your mind. Well, it can when it is filmed in super slow-mo with a fancy camera in ===CHOW's first episode of Food Flash.===

The most inappropriate thing about this compilation of the ==="12 Funniest and Most Inappropriate Ronald McDonald Photos"=== is how many people put their face or mouth on Ron. Do they have any concept of how many germs are on that guy? Ew.

Russians really know how to celebrate 4/20: with a caviar eating contest. ===On Friday, 49-year-old Alexander Valov proved his fish egg-eating prowess and won the contest by rapidly consuming 500 grams of caviar. ===

Ever find yourself having a nice, solitary meal at a restaurant and thinking, "Hey, I really would love to make some small talk with a complete stranger right now?" ===Never fear, Invite For a Bite has got you covered.===

Additional reporting by Christen Thompson

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