Omnivore - Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q ranks top nationally in best butts

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q ranks fourth nationally for best pulled pork sandwich.


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  • Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q's pulled pork sandwich ranks nationally

Southern Living recently released a reader's choice poll on where to get the best pulled pork sandwiches nationally. Georgia gained some major bragging rights by having two restaurants rank in the top five nationally. In fourth place was Atlanta's own Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q.

The bustling barbeque restaurant has made quite the name for itself in the battle of the best in the city after opening in the late 2000s.

Brothers Jonathan and Justin began to experiment with making their own barbeque after being frustrated by the barbeque choices in Atlanta. The duo began experimenting and eventually began testing their creations on their friends. The brothers hosted their first house party in 2001 and featured all you can eat barbeque and sides, free flowing drinks, and live music. After being such a hit, the brothers hosted the party annually, and were eventually serving more than 200 people.