Omnivore - Visits to Grindhouse, Bocado, Morelli's

Lunch and piggery


I've had a few good lunches lately, including one at Bocado with friends. This sandwich (right) includes hefty portobello chunks, tomatoes, arugula, and goat cheese so abundant and creamy that it's hard to eat with the hands.


I lunched at Grindhouse Killer Burgers twice last week, ordering my longtime favorite both times. That's the Apache burger with roasted green chilies and grilled onions. That I ate there two days in a row proves how quickly abstinence can turn into piggery.

Speaking of addictions: I pigged-out on three flavors of Morelli's ice cream last week: lemon-ricotta, ginger-Guinness, and coffee-caramel crunch. They were all the usual perfection. However, I miss my ginger-lavender.