Omnivore - Ale Yeah! Craft Beer Market Announces Second Location

Owner Eddie Holley says Roswell possesses an "excellent potential customer base."


When Creative Loafing featured Ale Yeah! in our First Draft beer column this past fall, Eddie Holley's craft-beer haven located on the W. College Ave. edge of Oakhurst in between Avondale Estates and Kirkwood was one of the Atlanta metropolitan area's newest places to procure the finest in non-macro brews, from IPAs to imperial stouts to Belgian lambics. The store has only barely passed the one-and-a-half-year mark, but a second Ale Yeah! is already on the way.

For the new establishment, which was originally slated for Alpharetta but will now be located at 408 S. Atlanta St. in Roswell, Holley says he's shooting for a July 1 open date, but that more realistically, the store - which he hopes will be the second of three total, eventually - will open in mid-July. CL caught up with Holley to get the scoop on Ale Yeah!'s forthcoming middle child, his potential suburban customers, and what will happen if Atlanta's craft-brew bubble bursts.

Why Roswell?
Roswell has several very attractive features: excellent potential customer base, great traffic counts, a centric launching point for the outside-the-perimeter-market that is currently not being tapped (pun totally intended), as well as its proximity to major highways such as 400 and 285.