Omnivore - Encountering the homeless at Taco Cabana and Popeyes

Let them eat chicken wings


Here's an after-midnight nightmare. I was out and about two Fridays ago, hungry, and decided to stop at Taco Cabana. Yeah, I know. Waffle House is better. And Hong Kong Harbour is better than Waffle House. But I wanted something quick.

I ordered the huevos rancheros. I'm sure I've had worse somewhere, sometime, but this was the worst in memory: overcooked eggs, bland frijoles refritos, and greasy crumbled bacon. A guy at a nearby table ordered the same thing. He smashed and mixed everything on the plate together. It looked like huevos rancheros made in a blender. Or worse.

Meanwhile, an apparently homeless man was giving himself a sponge bath in the restroom. When I asked to use the sink to wash my hands, he started yelling at me. "I'll take my damn time, asshole," he shouted, while rubbing his emaciated chest with a huge wad of toilet paper.

Then, after a few moments while I waited, he asked me if I had any money to give him. I handed him a dollar bill.

He turned back to the sink and barked, "I'm still gonna take my damn time."

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