Omnivore - Daily Hash: Watch Daym Drops review Five Guys, check your cell phone at the door, and more

Big Daym, ya'll! Daym Drops is droppin' bombs on YouTube with his fast food video reviews. According to Daym, Five Guys Burgers and Fries is "official and fattening." We think all reviews should include the phrase, "Let me light one of these joints on fire," don't you?

Eva Restaurant in L.A. is offers a 5 percent discount for diners who opt to check their cell phones at the door.

Is coffee the new wine? Following the rise of high-end, high-quality coffee roasters like the North Carolina based CounterCulture Coffee, are baristas like the sommeliers of the coffee world?

Speaking of coffee, "sixty-five per cent of North Americans say they drink at least one cup of coffee per day." So how does this relate to your job? This infographic explores the 15 heaviest coffee drinking professions.

Sriracha popcorn!

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