Omnivore - Get In Ma Mouth: Figgy doughnut edition

Figs and doughnuts and mocha at Decatur’s Revolution Doughnuts


  • Brad Kaplan
  • Fig cream slider, Revolution Doughnuts. (Take that, squirrels)

It’s fig season. I can tell because our fig tree keeps being raided by squirrels who know the exact right moment to pick a fig to prevent it from falling into human hands. Bastards. Fig marauding bastards. If I had a shotgun, I just might sit on the back porch with an eye on the fig tree, waiting for a foolhardy squirrel to attempt to swipe a fig before my watchful eyes. Of course, they’re probably smart enough to use ninja techniques or hypnosis or some other such subterfuge to get past me and my hypothetical shotgun. Bastards.


The point is... it’s fig season. And Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur has been serving up “figgy cream sliders” - a spread of tender, sweet, sliced figs and whipped mascarpone stuffed inside two halves of a sugar flecked yeast doughnut. I saw them on Facebook. I saw them on Twitter. I had to have one. Luckily for me, Revolution has managed to evade the squirrels. Yesterday morning, I waited patiently in line, surrounded by seemingly hundreds of toddlers happily munching on doughnuts and screaming in joy. When I arrived at the counter, I ordered my figgy slider. And a salted caramel. And a dark chocolate-drenched doughnut for good measure; I don’t get out to Decatur very often.