Omnivore - 'Series of unfortunate circumstances' shutters Waffold

Morningside waffle sandwich shop closes after six weeks


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  • CLOSED: Waffold closes within weeks of opening

After only six weeks, Waffold — the Morningside waffle sandwich shop — closed its doors Saturday. According to a sign posted on the store's front door, Waffold was forced to close due to a "series of unfortunate circumstances." Image

Shortly after opening, the Orange County, Calif. waffle sandwich restaurant Bruxie contested Waffold's use of "gourmet waffle sandwiches" in its logo — a phrase trademarked by the OC restaurant. Shortly after, Waffold removed any Bruxie trademarks, however, it remains to be seen whether or not the legal entanglements contributed to Waffold's abrupt demise.

Waffold owner Justin Lim was unavailable for comment, but a former Waffold employee told CL that they hope to reincarnate the concept sometime in the future. More details as they arise.