Omnivore - From the kitchen to the White House

State Department forms the first American Chef Corps


In the fragile atmosphere of diplomacy, food is being used as a transcending element to bridge the gap between nations. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is aware of just how powerful of a tool food can be and has therefore formed the first American Chef Corps.

On Friday, more than 80 top chefs around the country were inducted into the organization. Notable chefs include, Jose Andres, Top Chef competitors Mike Isabella and Bryan Voltaggio, Ming Tsai, Art Smith, Vikram Sunderam, Rick Bayless and Alex Young. But what exactly will these prominent members of the first American Chef Corps do?

The American Chef Corps will “help the State Department prepare meals for visiting dignitaries, travel to U.S. embassies abroad for educational programs with foreign audiences or host culinary experts from around the world in their U.S. kitchens.” All their work is unpaid and solely on a volunteer basis. However, there is one perk to the job. All members are given a navy jacket with the American flag and customized with their name embroidered in gold.

So next time instead of going to a top restaurant to get a taste of what the finest chefs in the nation are cooking, just get an invite from Hillary to the White House.