Omnivore - Swit Bakery & Cafe: This Bird Has Flown

A review written 3 months ago about a place that closed 3 weeks ago

Be warned. This post is pointless. Or maybe post-pointless. It contains a never-published review written three months ago about a restaurant that closed three weeks ago.

You can stop reading now. Or you can read on if you like looking back on (restaurant) history and seeing signs of what would come to be. Three months ago, we decided not to run this review, which was ready to go to print, once Świt’s owner told us off the record that changes were on the way and asked that we not write about the bakery/cafe for the time being. I did pen a little Omnivore post seeking readers’ thoughts on the quandary of knowing that a review may be totally pointless in a few weeks time if the restaurant were to totally revamp. Our ever-friendly commenters responded with a resounding, “who gives a flying flip?”

So, you probably still don’t give a flying flip, but maybe now that we know Świt will be replaced by the new West & Mill Bistro Bar, the management that has carried over from one incarnation to another can find a few nuggets of constructive criticism of their discarded café worth thinking about. (West & Mill's first service will be dinner tomorrow night, September 15) It sounds like Świt's quasi-European concept will still apply to the new bistro, with Eastern European and French/Belgian influences, and maybe that will work better at night than it did in the AM. Pairing up with beer and cocktails rather than coffee may just do the trick. Or it may not. We shall see.

Back to the time machine we go...

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