Omnivore - Get in Ma Mouth: Pimento Cheese Fries Edition

A hot mess o' cheesy fries at Farm Burger


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  • Pimento cheese fries at Farm Burger

When I eat at Farm Burger, I tend to order on the healthier side. Their quinoa burger is one of my favorite veggie burgers in town (though I prefer the old version of it with arugula and pickled onion and goat cheese to the version currently on the menu, featuring marinated beets). And the daily special salads or veggie sides tend to be wonderfully seasonal and fresh. Milkshake? I don't need those fat grams. Cheeseburger? I really don't care for Farm Burger's actual burgers - in my experience, they veer from raw in the middle to decidedly dry.

So, pimento cheese fries? Out of respect for my waistline and due to a general aversion to pimento cheese above room temperature, I wouldn't normally order those. But a friend, insisting strongly, convinced me to share a basket. I am glad we did.

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