Omnivore - Worms for trick-or-treaters

Healthy candy is not oxymoronic


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Yay! Halloween is almost here and that means lots of teeth-rotting candy embedded with razor blades and spiked with preservatives and trans fats.

There are alternatives, and I don't mean bruised apples and envelopes of hot cocoa mix. Rodale.com offers a list of 11 "healthy candies," free of the usual crap. Most include organic ingredients and a rather disproportionate number seem to be spin-offs of Gummy Bears.

An example is sour worms from Surf Sweets:

These are the go-to sour gummies of the natural food world. Made with organic ingredients, these Non-GMO Project Verified individually packaged worm treats will be sure to satisfy trick-or-treaters' hankering for sweet and sour!