Omnivore - Poisoned again, with two friends

Was it the sauce?



Another week of dining in restaurants, another episode of food poisoning. Last week, five friends and I dined in one of the city’s favorite ethnic restaurants, one where I’ve eaten regularly without incident for well over a year.

I’ve been begging my friends to try the restaurant for the last year, but most of them rejected it instantly as “too weird.” Finally, last week, Bobby and I decided to make dinner a surprise. We gave Ryan, our usual driver, directions to it without identifying it. When we arrived, most burst into whining resistance.

The restaurant was packed. Ryan, who was particularly opposed to eating there, asked at the bar for a Bloody Mary and was incensed when he was informed they had no tomato juice on hand. “Just as I expected!” he barked. “Terrible ambiance and service. Next week we are going to Chili’s - someplace normal.”

After terrified deliberation and quizzing our server about every dish, we ordered. Just as I expected, everyone liked the food. I felt smug.

Then God punished me for my smugness.