Omnivore - Get in Ma Mouth: Caul Fat (what!?) Edition

Veal meatballs, but bigger, with a bone, wrapped in caul fat


  • Joeff Davis
  • FATTY PATTY: The Spotted Trotter's crépinettes made with caul fat

Caul fat. Sounds delicious, no?

Better yet, looks delicious, no??? No.

OK, I'll admit it, caul fat is an unlikely topic for Get in Ma Mouth. Looking at the stuff, a descriptor that might come to mind for most of you would be "highly unappetizing." I like to think of it as cool and unusual, and even somewhat magical in its applications to cooking. It's one of those applications, a classic French dish called Pojarski de veau, that is the real topic of this Get in Ma Mouth. But before we get to that dish, a little background is required.