Omnivore - A long strange trip at Octopus Bar

Did that just happen?


Had I known I was about to experience the longest meal of my life, I might have better prepared myself. Several shots of espresso to keep my mind alert, maybe. Or light stretching to fight off cramps. Or at least I could have warned my wife that I wouldn't be home until 3 AM.

This was no ordinary night at Octopus Bar, though I'm sure regulars there are used to evenings that extend well into mornings. My 3 AM arrival at home was made possible only by the fact that my friend and I practically sprinted out of Octopus Bar the moment we had gobbled down the last dessert course.

The event was a public celebration, by and for chef Angus Brown and friends, in advance of his coming culinary sabbatical to Vietnam. It was a long, surreal evening, with some stellar grub along the way. Here's a slightly fictional live Tweet of the night (that is neither live, nor on Twitter), to help anyone interested get a firsthand account of a special night at Octopus Bar...