Omnivore - Good (mostly Southern) cookbooks and food reads: 2012 roundup

Roundup of Southern cookbooks and food reads from 2012.


Mindful of our beloved home cooks, we cruised by local independent bookstores, including Bound to Be Read Books in East Atlanta and A Cappella Books in Inman Park (holler to Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur and Charis Books in Little Five Points). We found some solid culinary picks, a few surprises, at least one bookstore cat (Kona, we're talking to you, dear puss), and rediscovered the joy of actually roaming around a real live bookshop. We fit in one stop at Barnes & Noble in the Edgewood Retail megalopolis. Even if you prefer going indie, you may want to browse the B&N chain's more-than-decent collection of familiar and less mainstream food and drink mags, including The Local Palate: Food Culture of the South, Lucky Peach, Draft, and Imbibe. Here are just a few of the mostly 2012, mostly Southern-inspired cookbooks and food reads that grabbed our attention this year:

Fire In My Belly by Kevin Gillespie with David Joachim. The most inked, most recognizable, and probably one of the most liked chefs in Atlanta dedicates this tome to all the "amazing women" in his life. The "Top Chef" and Woodfire Grill alum offers seasonal recipes, presented with passion and purpose in a format that reminds us of a well-stuffed scrapbook. Gorgeous photos of ingredients, finished dishes, and notes by Atlanta photographer Angie Mosier. A must-have. Andrews McMeel Publishing. $40. pp. 341.

The Truck Food Cookbook: 150 Recipes and Ramblings from America's Best Restaurants on Wheels by John T. Edge. Who has the stamina (some might say obsessiveness) to track and collect the recipes from truck food chefs across the country? John T, that's who. The author, educator, master storyteller, and director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, teamed with photographer Angie Mosier to document these culinary vagabonds in L.A., New York, Portland, Minneapolis, and beyond, gathering recipes, tips, and cooking techniques along the way. Very rock-and-roll roadie approach. We like. Workman Publishing. $18.95. pp. 304.

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