Omnivore - Food media roundup: Watch your favorite chefs Harlem Shake, microwavable masterpieces, and more

Food news from around the web

Food Network chefs do the Harlem Shake at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Richard Blais’s cookbook, Try This At Home, is available for sale today. Attempting to imitate his strange takes on his succulent recipes will most likely prove disastrous for your average home cooker, but the cover art should provide for an entertaining coffee-table book.

Hungry? Don’t feel like dealing with pots and pans or ordering in? Here’s a way to take that laziness to the next level. Just add your desired ingredients to a mug, stir, and microwave.

Finally, modern science may be able to find a cure for the hangover. A study at UCLA has found a way to sober up mice using shots of specific enzymes. This could lead researchers to undertake studies to come up with a sobriety pill for those of us who like our drink.

The horse meat tainting continues. Ikea has recalled a tainted batch of meatballs that was shipped its stores across Europe after finding that they contained horse DNA. Ikea has stopped serving meatballs at all of its Swedish stores until further notice. Nestle, too, has recalled three pasta products in Italy, Spain and France after finding them to be tainted with horse meat.