Omnivore - Today is National Pig Day

DBA offers pig-out banquet tonight, Gio's Chicken Amalfitano


I returned to Gio's Chicken Amalfitano a few days ago and I'm in danger of addiction. Don't worry: $16 bowls of chicken will never replace $3 sliders, but I'll remain mum about both for a few weeks.

My choice this visit was the Amalfi with "castelvetrano olives, cippoline, olio di oliva, garlic, italian bread crumbs" (right). The olives, from Sicily, were new to me. They have none of olives' usual salty bite. They taste like crunchy globes of olive oil.

Gio's is the kind of place, with its community tables and smiling crowd, that sparks spontaneous chat with strangers. I won't again wear my retro Pink Floyd t-shirt there. Nobody ever heard of the band. Nobody understood why the shirt is illustrated with a pig. (Yes, I know: self-portrait).

Owner Giovanni Di Palma's new gelateria is scheduled to open within two months, according to a sign on the place...

Speaking of pigs, today (Friday, March 1), is National Pig Day. Yes, really. DBA Barbecue is celebrating again this year with its $20 all-you-can-pig-out buffet, beginning at 6 p.m. Notable dish: candied-bacon chocolate cake....

Speaking further of pigs: The National Hog Farmer reports that pigs are just fine when it comes to risk of salmonella, or no more so than ever before. The claim is founded on a study presented at the International Production and Processing Expo, held recently in Atlanta.