Omnivore - Bargain lunch special at Perla Taqueria

Three tacos, a side and a drink, under $9


I had lunch at Perla Taqueria in Midtown yesterday. I wasn’t much impressed with this place when it first opened, but I had an excellent lunch there today - one taco made with brisket and a tomatillo sauce; a second with grilled shrimp, roasted peppers and chimichurri sauce; a third stuffed with pork al pastor and pineapples. (No, the al pastor does not appear to be cooked on a spit.) I also had a cup of pozole soup and was quite surprised by its generous hominy and chicken, although I didn’t care much for the lettuce garnish.

All of this - three tacos, a side (the pozole) and a soft drink - cost just under $9. It’s a daily lunch special. They were nice enough to make the tacos without onions, so my clients were spared the scent. But I gotta say the entire restaurant reeks of onions.